Nepal Himalaya ruggedness pictures

Note: This includes Western Sikkim and small bits of Tibet and India.

Using a political division like Nepal to cut off is artificial, but so far I do not have good numbers for the entire Himalaya, and this is a good start. It is also almost certainly the most rugged part of the Himalaya.


Large version of Nepal Himalaya: area = 99200 km^2, rug = 261m.
Nepal Western border at upper left; Sikkim at lower right.


Medium version of Nepal Himalaya: area = 74000 km^2, rug = 283m.


Small version of Nepal Himalaya: area = 50300 km^2, rug = 307m.


We can cherry-pick the best regions:

Selected best regions: area = 22500 km^2, rug = 350m.


The best region of the Nepal Himalaya is from the Dhaulagiri Himal through the Ganesh Himal:

Dhaulagiri (upper left) through Ganesh (right end of highlighted region): area = 7500 km^2, rug = 421m.
(Langtang and Jugal Himals are at lower right.)

Annapurna Himal only: area = 1200 km^2, rug = 471m.
Kali Gandaki Valley at left; Annapurna I middle left, Annapurna II middle right.

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