US Top 25 by Reduced ORS

See the Main ORS/spire page or the Explanation page for general notes on ORS/spire measure. See below the table for notes specific to this table.

Rank Peak Name Location ORS RORS Elev Ascents People
1 St. Elias St. Elias 1334 1334 5489 FA 1897
FWA 1996
SA 1945
FA Luigi Amadeo di Savoia (Duke of Abruzzi), Vittorio Sella, et al.
FWA D Briggs G Heaton, J Reichert
SA D Molenaar, C Molenaar, A Kauffman, B Kauffman, Miller, Latady, Ferris (Harvard)
2 Denali (McKinley) Alaska 1243 1242 6194 FA 1913
FWA 1967
FS 1970
FA H Stuck, H Karstens, W Harper, (R Tatum?)
FWA A Davidson, R Genet, D Johnston
FS N Uemura
3 Sanford Wrangell 1126 1123 4949 FA 1938 FA T Moore, B Washburn
4 Mount Foraker Alaska 1132 992 5304 FA 1934
FWA 1975
SA 1963
FA C Houston, T G Brown, C Waterston
FWA S Tandy, G Tandy
SA J Richardson, J Duenwald
5 Fairweather St. Elias 977 969 4663 FA 1931
SA 1958
FA A Carpe, T Moore, W Ladd, A Taylor
SA Canadian Centennial Expedition
6 University Peak St. Elias 965 958 4411 FA 1956
SA 1997
FA L Blumer, S Brooks, K Hart, T Kelley, G Reynolds, N Sanders
SA D Kost, P Claus, R Homberger, D Staeheli
No WA, No Solo (as of 2001)
7 Augusta St. Elias 1032 952 4289 FA 1952
SA 1987
FA P Schoening et al
SA M Carlson, G Foweraker, J Marshall, D Serl
8 Hayes Alaska 930 925 4216 FA 1941 FA Bradford Washburn, Barbara Washburn, S Hendricks, W Shand, (H S Hall Jr, B Ferris, R Montgomery?)
9 Crillon St. Elias 971 923 3879 FA 1934
SA 1972
FA B Washburn, H A Carter
SA L Adkins, M Adkins, R Benedict, J Buckley, B Tickell
10 Hesperus Revelation 865 862 2996 FA 1985 FA J Lesueur, K Swanson, S Spaulding
11 Blackburn Wrangell 859 837 4996 FA 1912
FWA 1974
FA Dora Keen, G.W. Handy
FWA A Ward, G Tandy, S Tandy, J Pinamont, D Pahlke
12 Rainier
(Liberty Cap)*
Cascade 827 827 4301
(Main: 4392)
FRA 1870 (Main)
FWA 1922 (")
SA 1870 (")
FRA H Stevens, P Van Trump (Main)
FWA Jean Landry, Jacques Landry, J Bergues, C Perryman (")
SA S Emmons, A Wilson (")
14 Deborah Alaska 846 816 3762 FA 1954
SA 1975
FA F Beckey, H Harrer, H Meybohm
SA P Condran, M Hottman, B Okonek, D Pettigrew, P Stuart, T Wheeler
15 Wilbur St. Elias 903 812 3298 FA 1975 FA D Jones, C Gerhardt, C McKibben
16 Mount Salisbury St. Elias 931 796 3709 FA 1977 FA J Nelson, S Swenson, J Eberharter, G Thompson
17 Huntington Alaska 906 775 3730 FA 1964
SA 1965
FA L Terray et al
SA D Roberts et al (Harvard)
18 Dickey Alaska 826 768 2909 FA 1955
FWA 1979
FA D Fisher, B Washburn
FWA 1979 R Cowles, B Okonek
19 Hubbard St. Elias 798 765 4576 FA 1951

FA W Wood et al

20 Mount Russell Alaska 788 744 3557 FA 1962
SA 1972
FA Ekkerlein, Goodwin, Hennig
SA T Kensler, P Brown, J Hauck, D Jablonski, D Osborne
21 Aello Peak
St. Elias 849 740 4403 FA 1967 FA Benton, Boulton, Hagihara, Matsumoto, McBee, Ono, Randall, Staley
22 Mount Moffit Alaska 799 740 3969 FA 1941
SA 1975
FA W Shand Jr. + one companion
SA M Sallee, D Buchanan
23 Lituya Mountain St. Elias 902 726 3634 FA 1962 FA S Arighi, D Bohn, D Chappelear, H Flachsmann, A Maki, M Mushkin, L Nielsen
24 Mooses Tooth Alaska 766 708 3150 FA ??? FA ???
25 Redoubt Volcano Chigmit 707 705 3108 FA 1959 FA C Deehr, J Gardey, F Kennell, G Wescott

"Location" gives the name of the range in which the peak lies.
"ORS" is the ORS in meters (click here for explanation of the units of ORS).
"RORS" is the reduced ORS in meters.
Elevation is also in meters.
FA is first ascent, FWA is first winter ascent, FS is first solo, SA is second ascent.
If an unrecorded first ascent is a good possibility, I use "FRA" for first recorded ascent instead of FA.
A single asterisk refers to the additional notes below.
I have highlighted the non-Alaskan peaks in green.
Peak names are linked to Wikipedia pages.

(*) General Note: the Spire Measure of a peak is calculated from a reference point on the peak which may not be the main (highest) summit. Instead the reference point is chosen to give the best SM, i.e. it is the point on the peak with the "most impressive view." It is also usually a harder climb than the main summit. In the case of Mount Rainier this best reference point is indeed different from the main summit. Liberty Cap is the northernmost peak on the broad top of Rainier. It is fairly pointy and stands atop the Willis Wall (the premier alpine North Face in the lower 48) and the Sunset Amphitheater, also a steep face. By contrast Columbia Crest, the main summit, is gentle and sits well away from any steep face.

There are a few other cases in the table where the best reference point is not exactly at the main summit, but is not far away, and I have not made any special notation of these.


See the Main ORS Page for general acknowledgements.

Much of the ascent data is from the American Alpine Journal. I got great information from the American Alpine Club Library, where they used the AAJ, the Canadian Alpine Journal, and the book Alaska : A Climbing Guide by Michael Wood and Colby Coombs, published by Mountaineers Books in 2001.

The books High Alaska by Jonathan Waterman and Mt. McKinley by Fred Beckey were quite helpful, as was personal communication from Steve Gruhn. I also found a lot of information on and (the Mountaineering Club of Alaska site).

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