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23 Mountain Summits with Prominence of 1,500 meters or greater

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The following list includes all of the known ultra-prominences in Afghanistan (15 summits) as well as those in Pakistan to the West of the Chitral River, Peshawar and the Indus Valley.  The list is broken into two groups:  the Hindu Kush, and the rest of the two nations to the south of Khyber Pass.  For the rest of Pakistan please see the High Asia I list - where many more higher peaks will be found.

The Pakistani peaks in the Hindu Kush are mostly very close to the border of the two nations, which approximates the high divide of the range.  Tirich Mir, the highest, most prominent and most famous peak in the range has its summit wholly on the Pakistani side.  Nearby Noshaq (#5 on the list) has its summit on the border and forms the highopint of Afghanistan.

Compiled 2005 by Jonathan de Ferranti, Eberhard Jurgalski and Aaron Maizlish

minor revision:  March 10, 2006

Summit Name
ID Code

Hindu Kush:  NE Afghanistan and Kush Range in Pakistan (precise description)

1 Tirich Mir Hindu Kush Pakistan 7706 3908 3798 36º15'15"N 071º50'36"E AS013 25282 12821
2 Kuh-e Bandaka (Tirgaran) Hindu Kush Afghanistan 6812 2834 3978 36º10'45"N 070º59'00"E AS053 22349 9298
3 HP Kuh-e Safed Khers Northern Badakhstan Afghanistan 5325 2470 2855 38º05'36"N 071º05'42"E AS091 17470 8104
4 Kuh-e Chuk Shakh Hindu Kush Afghanistan 5467 2444 3023 36º46'42"N 071º27'06"E AS095 17936 8018
Noshaq Hindu Kush Afghanistan/Pakistan 7492 2024 5468 36º25'54"N 071º49'42"E AS203 24580 6640
Kuh-i Belandtarin Kuh-e Vakhan Afghanistan 6286 2008 4278 37º08'45"N 073º12'54"E AS155 20623 6588 [5]
7 Saraghrar Hindu Kush Pakistan 7340 1979 5370 36º32'51"N 072º07'00"E AS212 24081 6493
8 Kuh-e Fergardi Hindu Kush Afghanistan 5096 1850 3246 36º15'21"N 069º47'42"E AS283 16719 6069
9 Shayaz Hindu Kush Pakistan 6026 1797 4229 36º38'54"N 072º49'42"E AS315 19770 5896
10 unknown name Northern Badakhstan Afghanistan 5120 1775 3345 37º44'03"N 071º25'18"E AS328 16798 5823
11 Kuh-e Shashgal Hindu Kush Afghanistan 6290 1758 4532 35º55'48"N 071º04'48"E AS331 20636 5768
12 Udren Zom Hindu Kush Pakistan 7140 1620 5520 36º31'02"N 071º55'15"E AS458 23425 5315
13 Shah Dhar Hindu Kush Afghanistan/Pakistan 7038 1562 5476 36º40'18"N 072º13'54"E AS561 23090 5125
14 Lunkho e Dosare Hindu Kush Afghanistan/Pakistan 6901 1561 5340 36º46'33"N 072º26'24"E AS411 22641 5121
Kuh-e Kokzaro Zaghicha Hindu Kush Afghanistan 5126 1494 3632 35º29'09"N 069º36'39"E AS637 16817 4902
Kuh-e Mogholan Hindu Kush Afghanistan 4331 1491 2840 36º14'42"N 069º26'30"E AS641 14209 4892

Afghanistan and Pakistan:  South of Kabul and Khyber Pass
(precise description)

1 Sikaram Sar Spin Range Afghanistan/Pakistan 4755 2295 2460 34º02'18"N 069º54'09"E AS125 15600 7529
2 HP Kuh-e Baba Bamian Velayat Afghanistan 5048 2111 2937 34º38'36"N 067º37'30"E AS166 16561 6926
4 Obasta Tsukai Waziristan Pakistan 3452 1813 1628 31º40'57"N 069º56'15"E AS303 11325 5948
3 Ras Koh Baluchistan Pakistan 3003 1797 1206 28º49'42"N 065º11'42"E AS304 9852 5896
5 Shah Tus Aqa Ghar Ghazni Velayat Afghanistan 4803 1734 3069 33º37'18"N 067º02'51"E AS358 15758 5689
6 Mizri Ghar Baluchistan Pakistan 3111 1618 1493 31º20'27"N 070º01'45"E AS490 10207 5308
7 Loe Nekan Baluchistan Pakistan 3575 1597 1985 30º15'42"N 067º18'09"E AS500 11730 5239
8 Kuh-e Soltan Saheb Spin Range Afghanistan 4270 1513 2757 34º08'57"N 069º24'57"E AS609 14009 4964
9 Kuh-e Sefid Ghazni Velayat Afghanistan 4750 1510 3240 33º39'42"N 067º37'33"E AS608 15584 4954
E1 Kuh-e Jang Qal'eh Farah Velayat Afghanistan 4171 1476 2695 33º06'24"N 064º12'03"E AS658 13684 4842


We strive to have the most accurate summit elevations in every instance.  Most of the data on this table was derived from Soviet era topographic maps, supplemented with place name information from various sources.  Elevations were derived from Soviet mapping, mountaineering literature and from detailed analysis of SRTM data.  Where there was a high degree of concurrence, elevations from the Soviet maps are used.  In several cases however, the elevations are estimated from SRTM data

[5]  Koh-e Belandtarin is properly in the Southern Pamirs and not in the Hindu Kush.  This is the highpoint of a range in the extreme northeast of Afghanistan (Badakhshan Velayat).  The range is commonly known as the Vakhan, whose highest peak is nearby Pik Karla Marksa in Tajikistan.  Being on the north side of the Vakhan River, this summit connects to the mountains in Tajikistan and not directly to the other mountains in this group.  The peak was surveyed at 6286m and first ascended in 1971.  Other published figures of 6421m and 6331m are dubious.


This list contains all of the known ultra-prominences for Afghanistan (16), but not all of the summits in Pakistan.  Regions have been divided for ease of reference, as follows:

Hindu Kush:  Bounded on the northeast by Karambar Pass, which connects the Kush to the Karakoram and Himalaya.  The Eastern Border is the Chitral River to its confluence with the Kabul River near Khyber Pass.  The Western boundary is Panjshir Valley near Kabul, and the Surkhab River flowing north.  The Northern Boundary is the Pyandsh River, which is also the northern boundary of Afghanistan.  IMPORTANTLY, one ultra in far northeastern Afghanistan falls outside of this natural orometric province.  This is the highpoint of the Kuh-e-Vakhan, which is included on this list for completeness.  If this list were organized by lineage, this summit would connect to Tajikistan.

South of Kabul:  This region includes the rest of Afghanistan and Pakistan to the South of Kabul.  The summits are much lower than the Hindu Kush,  these can be considered to be more desert range highpoints.